Thursday, November 16, 2017

NFC Tag for hive identification

A hive can be identified using NFC tags.

Use the following steps:
  • Attach NFC to the hive
  • Use your smartphone to write hive information to the tag (touch the tag)
  • Read the hive information by approaching smartphone to an NFC tag
  • NFC must be enabled in Settings

NFC tag write:

Read NFC tag:

NFC (Near Field Communication)
- Short rage wireless (1-4 cm)
- Small memory
- Low speed
- Low friction setup (no discovery, no pairing)
- Passive targets (no batteries)
- Touch to read or write
- Like QR codes, but faster
- Work in low-light conditions (night)

NFC tag sticker
- chip NTAG 213, 215, 216
- waterproof
- shielded
- adhesive backing

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