Saturday, July 28, 2018

Hive details

Apiary Book’s latest update is arriving for Android smartphones and tablets today.

The version 3.4 is adding one major feature with this update, and it’s the Hive Details screen that let beekeepers to do the following:

  • check the latest inspections
  • adding/removals of components
  • queen information
  • add star/flag/label
  • check the strength of the bee colony
  • add reminders
  • print qr code or scan NFC tag etc.

Notes and Feedings

Now it is possible to add notes and feeding for a specific beehive.
- added 0.5 litter of sugar syrup on 18/08/2017 for Hive 1-01

Previously it was possible to add general notes and feedings only for the apiary like:
- extracted honey on 06/07/2018
- added 1/2 kg of protein patty for each hive on 17/02/2018

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