Monday, July 29, 2019

Queen transfer

In case you want to transfer the queen from a hive to another, use the <Transfer to> feature:

1. Select the hive from Hives list
2. Press Details in the Queen section
3. Choose option Transfer to
4. Add date of the transfer
5. Select destination hive (i.e. Hive 1-15)
6. Press OK
7. Add description, note, observations
8. Press ADD button
8. The queen is transferred to the new hive

The feature was suggested by Mark Lunny:

"A suggestion for the app.

When performing a swarm prevention manipulation and then later combining hives the queen's move between the hives. However in the app you cannot move the queen data.

I find I am having to enter and delete the data every time. Is it possible to have a way to do this in the app?

Otherwise love the app

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