Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Floral calendar tutorial

This tutorial describes how to add a new blossoming period:

1. Open the Apiary Book app
2. In the top left, tap Menu ≡
3. Tap Floral calendar
4. In the top right, tap ADD
5. Add start and end of flowering: part of the month (early, mid, late), month
6. Type popular and scientific name
7. Choose Type: trees, herbs, crops
8. Choose Source: Nectar, Pollen, Honeydew
9. Add Description
10. Tap Save
11. Return to list of calendar
12. In the top right, tap ⁝ (option menu)
13. Choose Calendar
14. Display the graph data
15. Print or Share the graph

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Beekeeping tools - Forage area

Today I am launching the first web tool that can be used by beekeepers from around the world to check the forage area of the bees!

This web page can also be used as a teaching material!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Floral calendar

A floral calendar for beekeeping is a time-table that indicates to the beekeeper the approximate date and duration of the blossoming periods of the important honey and pollen plants in the apiary area.

The floral calendar is one of the most useful tools. The calendar informs beekeepers about what to expect in bee-forage availability, and when, so that they can manage their colonies in the most rational manner. Beekeeping in any specific area cannot develop without an understanding of the calendar, and for migratory beekeeping, special calendars for the different foraging zones along the migration route are required.

Reference: 3 Bee forage and floral calendars