Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Assistant - bee queens

The Assistant helps you to identify important information related to apiary and offers advises.

The Assistant analyse the hatch/birth year of the queens.

  • if the queen is two years old - plan to replace queen next year
  • if the queen is over two years old - replace queen, unify beehives

DISCLAIMER: These advises are solutions taken from beekeeping best practices and are not promises or guarantees for success.


  1. Hello
    thank you for your quick answer!
    But it´s normal to have the information in the "assistant" menu, despite not having record of queens?
    Or what appears in "assistant" by default the information that you have above?
    My problem is that i dont have records of queens, and in the "assistant" always appears that 3 informations above!!

    One more time, thank you for you time.

    Best Regards


    1. If you don't have records of queens, assistant should not display any information.