Thursday, September 28, 2017

Assistant: weak colonies

Explore important insights from your apiary: number of weak bee colonies.

Weak colonies:
- build up slowly;
- do not develop into strong colonies if they are left alone;
- have a smaller number of foraging bees;
- produce little honey even if a good nectar flow exists;
- are vulnerable to robbing by robber bees from stronger colonies.

In order to boost the weak colony you can do the following:
- transfer frames of sealed brood from a strong colony,
- requeen or
- unite with other colony.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Two years and a day: The short history of Apiary Book so far

Two years ago, on 24th of September 2015, 19:24, I published the first version of Apiary Book on Google Play. It has seen a lot of changes over the past 2 years, and a lot of them were quite significant.

Since then, has become one of the most appreciated applications for beekeepers.

- the most complex and complete mobile application for Android smartphones and tables
- translated into 13 different languages with the help of passionate beekeepers from around the world
- monthly updates (new features, various improvements, bug fixes)
- continuous feature improvements (including feedback received from users)
- 4.5 rating on Google Play
- strong community

Also I published some web tools that can be used as teaching material:
- Forage Area
- Personal Beekeeper

What about future plans?
- PC version
- synchronization between different devices
- integration with IoT devices
- many others

My goal is to make Apiary Book a good tool for all beekeepers!

Love bees, respect nature, enjoy life!