Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Meet the team behind Apiary Book

My name is Gordian Kramer, I am the translator of the app ApiaryBook/Bienenhaus Buch from English into German. Like the others I translate the app in the spare time. I am thrilled with the app. It makes it possible to keep the overview in the apiculture. And always be able to retrieve the data.

My wife and I started with the beekeeping in 2016. We started with 3 colonies. We came to the beekeeping, because we bought a property, the whole was lost. We have to remove the scrub and realize that we did not just want to work. After a while when we discovered an old bee house. We decided to bring bees to the property.

Now two years later we have done a lot for the honeybee and the wild bees. For example, we planted 1000 crocuses to allow the bees a good start into the new year. In autumn we planted 9 fruit trees. Last year we rebuilt a dry wall for wild bees. The wall is 24 m long and has an area of ​​35 m². In the spring of 2018 we will see the first flower meadow. The flowers are helpful for wild bees survive. And we want to rebuild the next dry walls. Bees give us lots, stitches, enjoyment, pollination and joy. We also want to give something back to the bees.

If you want to know more about us and our work, you can visit

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