Friday, January 19, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Apiary location (latitude/longitude)

Please use the following instructions to add the location for your apiary:

  1. Open the Apiary Book app
  2. In the top left, tap Menu ≡
  3. Tap on the arrow in the header
  4. Go to Manage apiaries and choose an apiary
  5. You can add latitude and longitude manually or using map
  6. Click on MAP and search for your location
  7. Long-press on map to indicate the location of your apiary
  8. A red marker will be placed on map
  9. In the top right, tap ⁝ (option menu)
  10. Choose Select location
  11. Latitude and longitude values will be added to Apiary details
  12. Click SAVE

Apiary Book 2.7

A new version 2.7 of Apiary Book is available in Google Play!

What's new:
• Transfer hive between different apiaries
• Selection of apiary location (lat/lon) using map
• Possibility to sort the list of queens
• Various improvements and bug fixes

If you are using a previous version of Apiary Book, you can check for updates on the Google Play Store.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Sort list of queens

The list of the queens can be sorted by name or date:

1. Select the Queens list
2. In the top right, tap ⁝ (option menu)
3. Choose Sort by...
5. Select Date or Name
6. Press OK
7. The list is sorted

The improvement was requested by Carlos Charpentier, a Spanish beekeeper:
"Hola la aplicación muy buena. Pero tengo una duda no puedo hacer q las reinas me salgan en orden"
("Hello, the application is very good. But I have a doubt I can not make the queens come out in order")

I am always listen to all suggestions, do not hesitate to send it to!