Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hive strength

We are constantly getting feedback from beekeepers from around the world. This is helping us to build a better product for all users.

Thank you Nikodém for informing us about this improvement!

"Hi dear Bogdan.
Thanks a lot for your work!

I have one remark to Apiary Book:
We can set "Strength" into "Hive" page, tab "State".
We can set "Strength" into new added "Inspection" too, but this entry is not taken into account into "Hive history" and "Hive graph"
I think this is the same data and should be synchronized.
What do you mean about?

With best regards!

Nikodém Zámečník"

Starting Apiary Book 4.7, if you set "Strength" into a new added "Inspection", the entry is taken into account into "Hive history" and "Hive graph".

Send your idea or suggestion to

Monday, July 29, 2019

Queen transfer

In case you want to transfer the queen from a hive to another, use the <Transfer to> feature:

1. Select the hive from Hives list
2. Press Details in the Queen section
3. Choose option Transfer to
4. Add date of the transfer
5. Select destination hive (i.e. Hive 1-15)
6. Press OK
7. Add description, note, observations
8. Press ADD button
8. The queen is transferred to the new hive

The feature was suggested by Mark Lunny:

"A suggestion for the app.

When performing a swarm prevention manipulation and then later combining hives the queen's move between the hives. However in the app you cannot move the queen data.

I find I am having to enter and delete the data every time. Is it possible to have a way to do this in the app?

Otherwise love the app

Finding out what beekeepers think is the only way that we can give them the best customer experience.

Please send your feedback to

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Replacement of Queens

Why is it recommended to change queens periodically?

- young queens are more prolific in their first year, even some until the second year of life
- maintain healthier colony and less prone to diseases, health of the hive is dependent on the queen
- avoid the action of swarming, which is a natural instinct of reproduction of bees

A strong bee colony, thanks to the vigor of a young queen, will always be more active and productive, will not have problems of moisture or cooling of the nest; more defensive to any invasive pests.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Bees - the most important living beings

"The bees have been declared the most important living beings on this planet, the Earthwatch Institute concluded in the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society of London. However, according to wildlife experts and scientists, the bees have joined the endangered species long list."

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Our community

Many thanks to Jerzy Sowa for his kind words!

"Używam aplikacji już 2 rok. Mam wszystkie informacje o mojej pasiece w jednym miejscu. Telefon mam zawsze przy sobie. Polecam wszystkim.
Jerzy Sowa
Pasieka Prełuki, Polska"

"I've been using the application for 2 years. I have all the information about my apiary in one place. I always have a telephone with me. I recommend it to everyone."

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hive - Media Gallery

Use photos and videos to document your hive over time, see how the colony develops and what behaviors the bees engage in at each time of the year.

Hive - Media Gallery

Update your app to the latest version 4.6 and start adding media files for a particular hive.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Solutions for keeping track of hives

Here are some solutions for keeping track of your hives:

1. add rocks on top of the hive
2. write with a black marker on the outer cover
3. attach different beekeeping magnets
4. note on paper using pen
5. use apiary management apps (on your smartphone)


Advantages of using management software on your smartphone:
- identify hives using bar-codes / NFC tags
- review historical data and decide next actions
- add notes easily after each inspection
- take photos of your hives
- visualize graphs, reports for in-depth analysis
- get reminders for upcoming tasks, activities

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Queen details

Apiary Book 4.5 update is available now!

Now you can visualize easily the queen details and perform specific actions:
- mark as flagged (i.e. old queen, must be replaced),
- add star (i.e. exceptional),
- create reminder (check the queen at the next inspection)
- modify state (capped cell, installed, accepted, emerged, mated)


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Honey extraction

Honey extraction is the process of removing honey from honeycomb.

Here are some steps:
- remove the wax cap on capped honey manually (using a fork)
- place the frames in the honey extractor
- turn on the centrifuge motor, run extracting process for several minutes
- remove extracted frames

Important: do not store extracted frames!

After finishing the honey extraction process, add the frames back to the hives as soon as possible, so bees will clear any honey that is left and reconstruct the comb.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Flagged hives

If you have a hive that need your attention or you want to easily follow up, you can flag it in Apiary Book app. This helps you remember to inspect it later.

Flagged hives are easy to spot, thanks to the red icon.

Examples of flagged hives:
- queen sighted but no larvae are present, you need the check again at the next inspection
- varroa mites detected, schedule a treatment
- bee family strength is low, add a frame with brood from another strong hive 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Apiary Book 4.4

Apiary Book 4.4 for Android is available, get it on Google Play!

Now you can add to-do list for each individual hive.

You will be notified about the activities scheduled the day before or on that day at 8:30 a.m. So you can easily remember what work you have to do, and never miss an inspection or deadline.

Monday, July 1, 2019

Efficient Hive Inspections

Our recommendations for hive inspection:

- review the notes from the last inspections
- decide if you have to check the hive and look at what is new
- if  inspection is required, examine the bee colony and record all information (population, queen, brood, honey)
- schedule the next activities

Hive ToDo list

Acting like this, you will not have to open every hive every time when you go in the bee yard.

Different hives have issues that need to be dealt with at different times.

Interfering with bee colonies too often may cause problems.  Anytime we open a beehive, we are causing stress to the colony.