Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hive strength

We are constantly getting feedback from beekeepers from around the world. This is helping us to build a better product for all users.

Thank you Nikodém for informing us about this improvement!

"Hi dear Bogdan.
Thanks a lot for your work!

I have one remark to Apiary Book:
We can set "Strength" into "Hive" page, tab "State".
We can set "Strength" into new added "Inspection" too, but this entry is not taken into account into "Hive history" and "Hive graph"
I think this is the same data and should be synchronized.
What do you mean about?

With best regards!

Nikodém Zámečník"

Starting Apiary Book 4.7, if you set "Strength" into a new added "Inspection", the entry is taken into account into "Hive history" and "Hive graph".

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