Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Apiary Inform

Apiary Inform is a free management and communication solution for beekeeping associations.

Using this platform, a beekeeping associations can register and manage the list of members, invite members to join the communication group and send notifications to beekeepers (communication channels: email, in-app messages).

Beekeepers receive beekeeping news, best practices, disease/pest alerts, event details and other information directly on their email or mobile phone.

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Here are some advantages:
- free solution for beekeeping associations
- unlimited registered members
- multiple organizations/groups
- easy-to-use notification console
- communication channels: email or in-app notifications *

* In order to get in-app notifications on his smartphone, a member must have Apiary Book for Android installed and a registered account.
* SMS support can be added if required (additional fees may apply, depending on the volume)

Find below some use cases for beekeeping association:
- alerts of disease/pest discovered in a region
- crop treatments in a location/county
- monthly beekeeping actions needed in the apiary
- announcements related to the activity of association
- World Bee Day 20 May 

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