Monday, July 27, 2020

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Introducing Kiril Marinov from Bulgaria, beekeeper since 2005, talking about Bee Queen's Protective Reflex. He believes that this special queen behavior is important to be known by beekeepers because many queen bees are killed meaningless due to ignorance of the phenomenon.

"I have been a beekeeper since 2005. By 2014, I had 150 bee families and I was involved in the production of queens and swarms, semi-professionally, in addition to my main occupation - an automation and mechanics engineer.

In the same 2014, I signed contracts for the production of 300 bee swarms, so I had to produce 300 queens, respectively. I was able to handle this difficult task alone.

During the production process, I encountered a strange behavior of bee queens (6 of them, not all of them).

It is most likely an unconditional reflex (or an instinct acquired over the millennia, to be examined and proved.). I call it the Bee Queen's Protective Reflex

On a nice sunny day, I had to mark another group of queens with the color of the year.
Everything was going fine, but a rather fast and stubborn queen put me in difficulty.

I managed to mark it and released the pressure and, to my surprise, queen stopped moving!

I called a known queen producer to ask him, what is it? Has he encountered such a phenomenon?
He told me - Yes! The queen is dead, just tear her head and throw it away.

But since I was curious as a child, I thought: I will easily tear her head off, but I certainly will not be able to put it back in place! Something was telling me that there was more to come in this event! I decided that it was impossible for the queen to die from the slight pressure.

I carefully placed the queen at the bottom of the hive where the bees surrounded her and started licking her. And the miracle happened. After a few minutes the queen moved. I closed the hive and proceeded to the next marking.

The next day I opened the hive and saw that the queen was laying eggs, as if nothing had happened!

The same year the same incident happened 5 more times with other queens!

I suppose paralysis is intended to mislead the attacker (the bird that caught her during the marriage flight) by pretending to be dead or really fainting like other animals from stress - these are just guesswork. We will certainly get answers to this many other questions in time!"

Saturday, July 25, 2020


We are extremely excited to announce that Apiary Book has reached a new milestone, more than 150,000 beekeepers downloaded our app.

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your support.

Your bees, our passion. Let's grow together!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Basic pricing plan changes

We created Apiary Book five years ago with the objective to help beekeepers to make better informed decisions. Me and my team have invested a lot of our own time and money in it and it has been a helpful tool for more than 20,000 beekeepers from around the world — including you.

Most of you are constantly requesting additional features and updates and we are happy to build Apiary Book solutions together with you.

To be able to support and improve our solutions we launched in February this year the PRO Subscription plan. For only 6.66 EUR/month a beekeeper have access to fully integrated beekeeping management tools.

We strongly believe that Apiary Book can grow with your help, that's why we decided that the free Basic Plan will be limited to 1 apiary and 1 - 9 hives staring next week.

Here's what you need to know if you are using now a Basic Subscription:
- if you have 1 apiary and 1-9 hives you can continue with the free Basic plan;
- if you have more than 1 apiary and more than 10 hives you can continue with the free Basic plan but you will not be able to add more apiaries or hives;
- if you have more than 1 apiary and more than 10 hives and want to add more apiaries and hives you have to sign up for a PRO subscription.

Find more about pricing plans here:

If you already signed up for a PRO Subscription you don't have to do anything, this plan allow you to manage multiple apiaries and unlimited number of hives.

Please let us know if you have any questions:

Your bees, our passion. Let's grow together!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sugar Syrup Calculator

Sugar Syrup Calculator is available now in the Apiary Book for Android app.

Calculator 1 helps you to determine how many liters of water and kilograms of sugar you must add to get a specific volume of syrup.

Calculator 2 can be used in order to determine how many liters of sugar syrup you get for a specific quantity of sugar.

Important: the beekeeper must feed only to prevent starvation and not for the production of honey that is to be gathered later.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Give back to the bees

Sign up now for PRO subscription, now with a 25% discount, limited offer for only 100 subscribers:

For only 0.25* EUR/month per hive (*price for a total of 20 hives) you have access to the most complete and appreciated apiary management solution, trusted by 20000+ beekeepers from around the world.

Your bees, our passion. Let's grow together!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Assistant - requeen

Beekeeping records of queens are important. Selecting and replacing queen bees and managing bee swarms can help you maintain a successful bee colony. In general, older queens will not lay as well as a young queen.

Using Assistant you can check the age of the queens from an apiary and plan to re-queen hives based on a schedule.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Queen - color code

It is common practice to mark the queen with a small spot of paint on her back (thorax) so that the beekeeper finds it better among other bees and to determine their age.

The color indicate the year the queen was introduced.
  • white – for years that ends in 1 and 6 (ex. 2011, 2016)
  • yellow – for years that ends in 2 and 7 (ex. 2012, 2017)
  • red – for years that ends in 3 and 8 (ex. 2013, 2018)
  • green – for years that ends in 4 and 9 (ex. 2014, 2019)
  • blue – for years that ends in 0 and 5 (ex.2015, 2020)

Friday, July 3, 2020

Apiary Book 6.0

We've been listening to your feedback and are exited to share with you a few new features and upgrades:
- Academy - a new space for beekeepers who want to learn how to overcome the current challenges of modern beekeeping
- Improved queens' list
- Colonies movement - Latitude and Longitude added for Departure/Destination

Update now to the latest version 6.0:

Because we want to offer successful solutions that meets beekeepers’ expectations, we decided to offer Team Collaboration feature in a brand new app dedicated for beekeeping companies, stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Supporting beekeepers' efforts

In July, the bees will be doing what we all know bees to do… a lot of work. Bee colonies have reached the peak of their power, which means that the hives are strong due to the large number of bees.

As a beekeeper, you still have many activities to do in the apiary, the end of the beekeeping season is still far away.

We want to support the efforts you make every day in your apiary, so we offer you the opportunity to buy the PRO subscription for only 40 EURO for 6 months, so that you are ready for the challenges that will appear till the end of the year.

Find more: