Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Basic pricing plan changes

We created Apiary Book five years ago with the objective to help beekeepers to make better informed decisions. Me and my team have invested a lot of our own time and money in it and it has been a helpful tool for more than 20,000 beekeepers from around the world — including you.

Most of you are constantly requesting additional features and updates and we are happy to build Apiary Book solutions together with you.

To be able to support and improve our solutions we launched in February this year the PRO Subscription plan. For only 6.66 EUR/month a beekeeper have access to fully integrated beekeeping management tools.

We strongly believe that Apiary Book can grow with your help, that's why we decided that the free Basic Plan will be limited to 1 apiary and 1 - 9 hives staring next week.

Here's what you need to know if you are using now a Basic Subscription:
- if you have 1 apiary and 1-9 hives you can continue with the free Basic plan;
- if you have more than 1 apiary and more than 10 hives you can continue with the free Basic plan but you will not be able to add more apiaries or hives;
- if you have more than 1 apiary and more than 10 hives and want to add more apiaries and hives you have to sign up for a PRO subscription.

Find more about pricing plans here: http://www.apiarybook.com/pro.html

If you already signed up for a PRO Subscription you don't have to do anything, this plan allow you to manage multiple apiaries and unlimited number of hives.

Please let us know if you have any questions: bogdan@apiarybook.com

Your bees, our passion. Let's grow together!

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